Are silver fillings safe?

There have been a lot of reports in the news lately about the safety of silver (amalgam) fillings and their hazardous effects on your health. The potential risks of ingestion and exposure to the mercury in the silver amalgam have been the topic of debate amongst dental professionals all over the world for many years.

Few things you may want to know about your silver fillings
  • The FDA and ADA maintain their position that amalgam is a safe restorative material as it has a long successful track record and there have been no studies establishing the causal effect of the neurological conditions with amalgam restorations. However, several other authorities especially in Europe have published multiple studies demonstrating the detrimental effects of silver amalgam and its possible relationship with multiple neurological disorders. Moreover, some studies have shown a significant improvement in their conditions after the removal of amalgam restorations.

  • Grinding your teeth, drinking acidic and carbonated drinks, and keeping broken and fractured silver fillings on your teeth can increase your risk of exposure to mercury vapor. 

  • The biggest risk of exposure to mercury vapor happens when fillings are removed.  So you need to ensure that this procedure is performed with proper technique to prevent ingestion of particles and inhalation of the mercury vapor.

At present, there is no consensus on whether to leave amalgam restorations in your mouth or not. But if possible we avoid placing any new amalgam restorations as there is a lot of evidence surfacing today that points towards a toxic relationship between silver amalgam and your overall health.