We are here for you and your Emergency Dental Care

If you need an emergency dentist in Park Ridge or the surrounding area, do not hesitate to call (847) 825-2277 as soon as possible. If it is “after hours,” go ahead and leave a message and we will guarantee to see you in the next business day. We are here to help you and we will do everything we can to make sure that you get out of pain.

Root Canal Treatment


Restoration of Broken Teeth

Same day appointments for dental emergencies!

Dental injuries are very serious and must be seen right away to make sure your teeth stay as healthy and strong as possible.if you have any of the following dental emergencies we are here to help

Chipped or Cracked Teeth

Tooth pain (toothaches)

Missing or Knocked Out Tooth

Lost Filling or Crowns

Swollen Gums

Tooth Infection

Open Hours

Monday-Friday: 9am – 5pm
Saturday: 9am – 2pm